A night in the car at your favorite place with a wonderful scenery in the background A night in the car at your favorite place with a wonderful scenery in the background
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Voyage Outdoor Style+

Voyage Co., Ltd. has started a camping car rental service,
"Voyage Rent- A -Car," as part of "Voyage Outdoor Style +."
We will provide you with a new, richer and more enjoyable car life.


Car type/rate

We only offer Bancon 4WD vehicles that do not have to worry about height restrictions or the difficulty of driving on highways.
We have a wide range of free supplies to help you reach itchy areas and items that are safe for beginners.

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ride-hailing service

In addition to delivering your rental car at our store, we can also deliver your rental car to the following locations:

Voyage Rent a Car
Three points

  1. cleanliness

    Voyage Rent-A-Car's campervan is a "moving hotel."
    We thoroughly wash our cars before offering them to our customers, and we place special emphasis on cleaning the interior of our cars, so that our cars are always in a clean condition.

  2. comfortable

    Large campervans are often seen around town, such as the Hiace (Bancon) 4WD model, which is often seen around town due to complaints such as ``I'm afraid of height restrictions,'' ``I'm worried about driving,'' and ``The ride is not comfortable on expressways (whipped by the wind) and on mountain roads.'' (AWD) only available.

  3. peace of mind

    The vehicles we offer have been professionally maintained.
    Tires and studless tires are replaced within 3 years of being new.
    In the unlikely event of a car problem or accident, we will respond kindly and quickly.

Ease of driving andenrichment of functions are

Operated by Car dealership

Operated by Car dealership

The representative has used the car models many times and carefully selected them.
Professionally prepared and delivered

Voyage Rent-A-Car is a rental car service specializing in camping cars operated by Voyage Co., Ltd., a car sales company that mainly handles Volvo cars.
We promise you that you will be satisfied with the safe and secure maintenance that only a car dealership can provide, and with carefully selected vehicles and services that our representatives have personally used in campervans many times.

Voyage Co., Ltd.
173-1 Ikeda, Tsutsubari-cho, Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture

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