Please be sure to check before making a reservation.

When using our store, please read, understand, and agree to the following precautions.


Since our rental vehicles are special vehicles called “camping cars,” we are unable to provide a replacement vehicle if the rental vehicle becomes unavailable on the day due to damage, breakdown, repair of a malfunction, natural disaster, or other force majeure. .
In that case, the reservation deposit will be fully refunded, and our store will not be held responsible for any other damages (cancellation fees for campsite reservations, hotel reservations, boat reservations, etc.), and we will not be liable for any penalties (other than refund of reservation deposit). It is assumed that no money will be incurred.
We kindly ask our customers for their understanding and consent.

Driving qualification

You can drive with a regular license!
*If you have an overseas driver’s license, please prepare a driver’s license valid in Japan.
Please present the driver’s license of all drivers at the time of rental.
However, those who drive must have at least one year of driving experience since obtaining their license.

Payment method

At our store, you can use advance credit card payment and advance transfer payment methods.

If you wish to use credit, please register your credit card information through advance credit registration.

If you would like to pay by bank transfer, please transfer the full amount to the following bank account at least 15 days before your departure date.

*If the reservation date is within 14 days of the departure date, please transfer the full amount at least 3 days before the departure date. (If payment cannot be confirmed up to 3 days before the departure date, it will be treated as a cancellation due to the customer’s convenience and a cancellation fee will be charged.)

Payment address

Bank name: PayPay Bank Branch name: Business Sales Department Branch (branch number 005) Account type: Ordinary Account number: 2019713

Payee name: Voyage Co., Ltd.


The rental and return location will be at our store. We will also deliver to your desired pick-up location for an additional fee. A renter (contractor) is required for both lending and returning.
If you rent it at the store, we will store only one private car for free. We will store your belongings in our parking lot, but we will not be responsible for any accidents or theft.

Return time exceeded

¥2,200 (tax included) every 60 minutes after 7pm
Return between 19:01 and 20:00 ¥2,200 for 1 hour
Return between 20:01 and 21:00 ¥4,400 for 2 hours
If you return the item after 9:00 pm, you cannot return it on the same day. Please select the option to return the item more slowly and have it returned at 9am the next day, or add an extra day and return it during business hours the next day.

*If there is a possibility that the time will be exceeded, please contact us in advance.
*Excess time due to accidents, construction, congestion due to heavy traffic, and refueling will also be subject to overtime charges.
*Due to the itinerary, it is not possible to exceed the time limit. Please make a plan to return the item during business hours (until 7pm).
*Use of the service overtime is limited to unavoidable circumstances such as sudden traffic jams.
*Depending on the reservation status, you may not be able to exceed the time limit. please note that.

Fuel cost

At the time of rental, a full tank of fuel will be provided at our store.
Fuel costs will be borne by the customer.
Before returning the vehicle, please fill it up at a gas station near the store and return it.

If the tank is not full when you return it, you will be charged according to the amount of fuel remaining.
If the tank is more than half full… ¥5,500 (tax included)
If it is less than half… ¥11,000 (tax included)

About reservation cancellation

If you have no choice but to cancel your reservation, you will be charged a reservation cancellation fee.
Additionally, if we do not hear from you even after one hour has passed since the rental start time on the day of your reservation, we will consider your reservation to be cancelled.

Reservation cancellation fees and reduced days also apply

  • More than 15 days before rental date = free
  • 14 days ago – 3 days ago = 25% of basic fee
  • 2 days before – the day before = 50% of the basic fee
  • On the day = 100% of the basic fee

Schedule change>*If the date is reduced, the above reservation cancellation fee will be charged

  • Changes can only be made once. However, an administrative fee of 3,300 yen (tax included) will be charged
  • Changes can be made within two weeks before and after the original schedule if the rental is possible
  • Other than the above, a new application is required after cancellation (reservation cancellation fee applies)

Change car model

  • Changes can only be made once. However, an administrative fee of 3,300 yen (tax included) will be charged
  • Changes are possible if the desired car model is available for rental

Extension of rental days>

If you wish to extend the contract period (number of days), please be sure to contact us in advance.
Please note that depending on the reservation status, we may not be able to extend your reservation.
The contract period extension fee will be settled upon return.

Mid-term cancellation>

If you cancel (cancel) your subscription mid-way through use, you will be required to pay the following mid-term cancellation fee with our store’s consent.

Mid-term cancellation fee = {(Basic fee corresponding to the rental contract period) – (Basic fee corresponding to the period from rental to return)} ×50%

After paying the cancellation fee specified above, the remaining amount after deducting the rental fee corresponding to the period from lending to return from the received rental fee will be returned to the lessee.

Also, we will accept requests for mid-term cancellation up to 3 days (72 hours) before the scheduled return, but we will not be able to provide refunds for mid-term cancellations after 3 days (72 hours).

Request for obligation to pay fines when violating road traffic laws>

If there is a violation of the Road Traffic Act while using a rental car, it is the customer’s responsibility to go to the police station with jurisdiction, complete the prescribed procedures, and immediately pay the fine. please. When returning the vehicle, please present a traffic violation notice and a payment slip/receipt with a receipt stamp.
In the event of a violation at Orbis, etc., our store will be notified at a later date.
We will then contact you and ask you to complete the prescribed procedures.


All of our vehicles are non-smoking. (Electronic cigarettes are also prohibited) If we find out that you are smoking, we will charge you compensation for vehicle suspension (20,000 yen), air conditioner filter fee (3,300 yen), and deodorizing cleaning fee of 33,000 yen (tax included). I’ll enjoy having this. Shoes are strictly prohibited except in the driver’s and passenger’s seats.
When returning the rental car, please clean and dispose of trash in the same manner as when you rented it. If not done
We will charge 5,500 yen (tax included).

About insurance/compensation

Note: In the event of an accident, priority will be given to other vehicle driving special provisions available to the driver.

*In the event of an accident, a deductible amount will be charged to the customer.

In the unlikely event of an accident, you will be compensated within the following limits.

Personal compensation: Unlimited (including the amount covered by automobile liability insurance)

Objective compensation unlimited (deductible amount 100,000 yen)

Vehicle compensation market value (deductible amount 100,000 yen)

Personal injury compensation 1 accident limit 30 million yen×Capacity, 1 person limit 30 million yen

If you do not report the accident to the police (there is no accident certificate), you may not be compensated.

If insurance is not paid for the following reasons, the customer will be responsible for the full amount. The same applies to the exemption compensation system.

  • In the case of intentional or extremely gross negligence
    Gross negligence also includes failure to follow the “Cautions for using a campervan” written on the rental certificate
  • Driving without a license or under the influence of alcohol or drugs (narcotics, stimulants, etc.)
  • Fighting, suicidal or criminal acts
  • If there is no prompt report from the accident scene to the police station, our store, or insurance
    (Irrespective of the size of the accident, the presence or absence of the other party, and the infliction/damage, be sure to immediately contact the police, our store, and insurance at the scene)
  • If a settlement is made without permission
  • If the driver is driven by someone who has not presented their driver’s license to our store
  • If you violate the rental terms and conditions or usage guide
  • Accident that occurred during unauthorized extension of contract time
  • If there is any other violation of the matters stipulated by the Company in the rental agreement, etc.

*In either case, payment will be made in accordance with the insurance company’s terms and conditions.

For vehicle insurance, in the case of an accident at your own risk, depending on the damage and extent of the damage, you may be required to use the other vehicle driving special clause of your insurance. Thank you for your understanding.

*About special provisions for driving other vehicles
This is a special contract that allows you to use your own car insurance instead of the rental car’s car insurance if you rent a car and have an accident. You can also use special provisions for driving other vehicles owned by the driver’s family.

Exemption compensation system

The deductible compensation system is a system that compensates the customer for the property deductible and vehicle deductible in the event of an accident.

(*Damage caused by user negligence that is not an accident will be subject to actual costs.)

However, if multiple accidents occur during the same rental, only the first accident will be covered.
Please select and apply for liability insurance when making a reservation. You cannot join or cancel your subscription after making a reservation. 2,200 yen per day (tax included) (discount/optional)

In the event of an accident, be sure to report it to the police instead of settling the matter on the spot. Also, please be sure to contact our store.

Non-operation charge

In the event that a vehicle requires repair or cleaning due to an accident, theft, breakdown, defacement, etc., regardless of the extent of damage or repair period, the following will be covered as part of the business compensation due to vehicle suspension during that period: You will be responsible for the charges.

(1) If you drive and return it to our store: 100,000 yen
(2) If the vehicle cannot be returned to our store because it cannot run on its own: 165,000 yen

*If the vehicle is driveable but not returned to the store (left on the street, etc.), a charge of 150,000 yen will be charged.

However, for business compensation that cannot be compensated by non-operation charges, you will be required to pay the daily fee for up to 30 days during the repair period.

About each equipped equipment

Damage, staining, and malfunction of the interior of the camper, fixtures, and equipment are not covered by vehicle insurance. *Subject to non-operation charge.
*Damage to glass caused by flying stones (breaks, scratches, cracks, etc.) is covered by vehicle insurance. (Subject to force majeure)

● Cases subject to damage damage

  • I spilled food or drink on the seat and it got a stain. (Similar to vomiting, etc.)
  • Smoking or pet odor, etc.
  • Stains caused by pet excrement or vomit
  • Electronic equipment (refrigerator, microwave oven, air conditioner, etc.) was damaged due to incorrect usage.
  • The window was broken.
  • Damage of free and paid rental items (damage due to customer’s responsibility)

Replacement, repair, and cleaning costs will be borne by the actual cost after we inform you of the repair costs.

About your baggage and belongings

Please note that we cannot provide any compensation. Furthermore, we cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused by the customer’s carelessness inside or around the vehicle while the vehicle is stopped.

Rules for traveling with pets

  1. Pets allowed on board are limited to healthy small and medium-sized dogs.
  2. Please prepare a cage
  3. Please be sure to notify us if you are traveling with a pet. If it is confirmed that a pet is boarding without permission, deodorization and cleaning costs will be charged.
  4. Pets that are allowed to ride with you are indoor dogs that live together indoors. Please be sure to remove fleas and ticks and brush your pet before riding.
  5. Pets allowed for rides must have received vaccinations valid for the rental period. On the day of rental, proof of rabies vaccination and proof of 5 or more mixed vaccinations are required.
  6. Only healthy indoor dogs weighing less than 10 kg are allowed to travel with pets. In the camper, please spread a sheet on the floor and put it in a cage (please bring your own) to ride with your pet.
  7. Please shampoo your hair before renting it.
  8. Being trained in the toilet.
  9. Please be careful not to defecate inside the vehicle and defecate before boarding. Please wear manners wear. Please dispose of excrement promptly and appropriately.
  10. Do not leave your pet in the camper for any length of time.
  11. Please take care not to chew or scratch the equipment inside the vehicle with your fingernails.
  12. Pets are not allowed in the driver’s seat, passenger seat, or sleeping space.
  13. We are not responsible for any accidents or illnesses caused by pets. Please note that this is not covered by insurance/compensation or various compensation systems.
  14. If the camper is found to be unable to be rented out to the next user for normal cleaning and maintenance due to severe odor, hair loss, stains, damage, etc. after use, the actual cleaning and repair costs will be incurred. You will also be required to pay 50,000 yen (tax exempt) as part of the business compensation during the cleaning period.
  15. If the pet causes damage to the Company or a third party other than those listed in 15 above, the camper renter shall compensate for all damages.
  16. Please comply with the Act on Animal Welfare and Management and the animal welfare ordinances of each prefecture.

Please be sure to follow these guidelines when using the service

  • Smoking is prohibited inside the vehicle. Rentals are strictly prohibited for those who cannot abide by the non-smoking policy. (Electronic cigarettes are also prohibited)
    Please be sure to follow these guidelines so that the next user can use the facility comfortably. In the unlikely event that you smell cigarettes in your car, you will be charged 33,000 yen (tax included) for vehicle suspension compensation (20,000 yen), air conditioner filter fee (3,300 yen), and deodorizing cleaning fee. Campervans can also be rented by asthmatic customers who are unable to travel in groups. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • No shoes allowed (driver’s seat and passenger seat are OK)
  • Please store food that is dirty or smelly, such as barbecues or yakiniku, outside of your vehicle. In addition, please refrain from eating meals that may significantly stain the inside of the vehicle.
  • Customers will be responsible for any punctures, bursts, damage to tires, and associated damage to wheels and vehicle body.
  • Please handle each equipment with care.
  • According to the law, if you are driving a car with a child under the age of 6, you must use an infant support device (child seat). Please use the child seat and junior seat options at our store.
  • We cannot provide a partial refund of the rental fee due to malfunction of each equipment after rental.