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About Voyage Rent a Car

Nowadays, due to the outdoor boom, camping is gaining popularity not only in Japan but also all over the world, regardless of age or gender.

Traveling in a campervan allows you to explore new places at your own pace, enjoying the comfort of your vehicle and the beauty of nature. The constellations shine, the wind blows, and your adventure unfolds.
You can enjoy an outdoor experience that is a little different from camping.

In order to help you live a wonderful campervan life, Voyage Rent-A-Car provides a rental service that allows you to easily use campervans not only for Japanese people but also for travelers visiting Japan from overseas.
We offer a wide range of services, including advance information on campsites, hot springs, hands-on activities, traditional culture tours, etc., depending on your purpose.

We also deliver cars to Chubu Centrair International Airport (Centrair), Nagoya Station, Toyohashi Station, Mikawa Anjo Station, airports, and stations.

With Voyage's rental car, why not go out in a campervan in search of travel memories that only you can create?
Please come and experience the charm of sleeping in your car.
A new world opens up and unforgettable adventures await.

User Guide

The flow from reservation to return is posted here.

  1. STEP.1

    Book online

    Book online

    Check the dates and make a reservation using the reservation form below.

  2. STEP.2

    Visit us on the scheduled date

    Visit us on the scheduled date

    Please come to our store at your reserved time and we will explain the rental car to you.

  3. STEP.3

    Leaving in a camper

    Leaving in a camper

    Please enjoy camping until the return time.

  4. STEP.4

    Finally, return it to the store.

    Finally, return it to the store.

    Thank you for using our service.


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